We will establish a culture of self-awareness and promote healthy lifestyle
through fitness and education!

To promote the international exchange of culture, enhance the standards of martial art, to teach people how to protect their health, and to disseminate traditional culture.  Most important of all, he vouch to bring Kung Fu to the general public, and let people who want to learn enjoy the good brought by Kung Fu.   

Shaolinmen Kung Fu Academy prepares children and adults of all ages for overall success in life by building self-esteem, discipline, determination and confidence. Students learn traditional Kung Fu that instills powerful techniques and promote fitness. 

 Shaolin Culture Center was founded in 1989. The main goal of Shaolin Culture Center is to spread the Chinese Martial Arts and culture around the world. Shaolin Culture Center provides professional skilled masters, safe facility, friendly atmosphere, and a constant striving for self-perfection, which brings a lot of new students to school. Besides trainings, Shaolin Culture Center also holds lectures, entertainment, Chinese after school program and different events and performances around the world. At Shaolin Culture Center, we offer Kung Fu, Self-defense Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Kick Boxing, and many more. Students take active part in all aspects of the school’s life and have won so many awards by both students and facility.