How can Kung Fu help me?

Shaolin Culture Center is to help students understand themselves and look at the beautiful world through the body and mind of confidence, courage and strength. Many people who have heard Shaolin Kung Fu are eager to learn how to punch through a 5 inches thick concrete wall and how to walk on the surface of a large river or lake.  Let me assure you, those are not possible.  Those techniques have been long lost.  Even if those techniques still exist, it would take decades of training as full-time Kung Fu student to reach mastery.

Shaolin Culture Center can help you to develop:

For children:
body flexibility
traditional discipline and
ethic principles
self defense techniques


For teenagers:
proper exercise
effective weight training
body balance
quick thinking
body fitness
self defense


For adult:
stress relief
tension reduction
mental wellness


For elders:
stronger immune system
stronger bones and muscles
self defense
proper exercise