Shaolin Culture Center is a modern, well-rounded Shaolin Kung Fu training academy in the Bay Area that welcomes all age students to learn at all levels of the Shaolin Martial arts. Master Chung established Shaolin Kung Fu in 1989. 

Our Kung Fu students are trained and taught by Master Chung, who is the master of ancient Shaolin Martial Arts with many years of teaching experiences including Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, and more.
Shaolin Culture Center was originally located in Belmont and expanded to Los Angeles, Fremont, Oakland, Mountain View and San Jose.
The main branches we have are located in San Mateo and Milpitas. Shaolin Culture center’s facility is unlike all others, it totals 15,000 sq. ft, a expanded and developed facility in the northern California and has standard Olympic size of 4,000 sq ft. Shaolin Kung Fu training center should be able to accommodate all aspects of training. Safety is our first priority. Our athletes are always active and safe with full time instructors and masters for everyone to work hard, learn new techniques and have fun.
Master Chung’s objectives are to promote the international exchange of culture, enhance the standards of martial art, to teach people how to protect their health, and to disseminate traditional culture. 
Most important of all, he vouch to bring Kung Fu to the general public, and let people who want to learn enjoy the good brought by Kung Fu.