The school works hard to bring the best martial arts training to its athletes by searching out talent directly from China. Every year or two, we bring new technique, ideas, and training into the team by hiring College and professional wushu athletes. We have already secured another amazing professional martial arts teacher from China for the new 2003-2004 team. C.M.A.E.I. WUSHU TEAM 1998-99¬†Competition Team. The first CMAEI Wushu Team selections occurred on June 3, 1997. Soon after, the newly chosen team began intensive training in the art of modern Wushu. The team members were already required to have an intermediate martial arts background, but further foundation was needed for the rigors of competition.¬† Ever since 97′ the school has held annual tryouts for any available spots on the team. The group has progressed greatly since its beginnings and the 2001-2002 team has fielded its greatest amount of talent yet. The coaches and athletes are continuing to carry on ancient Chinese culture by adhering to disciplined training to bring out the best Chinese martial arts qualities in both competition and on stage.¬† Listed are just a few of the outstanding athletes on the roster for 1998-99. * Some members not shown in photograph Not all people and achievements are listed.