The Chinese Acrobat and Stunt Troupe has performed all across the western United States. Their shows have ranged from performances at Harrah’s Reno to the Bohemian Club to the California State Fair. The list is endless. The stunt troupe is led by Grandmaster Yung Chi Chung who is a former member of the GOLDEN STAR CHINESE ACROBATS from Taiwan R.O.C. It is a separate entity from the rest of the school with the performers working hard to give the public the best show possible. The number one goal of the Acrobat troupe is to preserve the rich heritage of the Chinese artistic culture. If you wish to have Shaolin Culture Center perform for you, please call 577-1138 to book reservations.  Some of the performances offered are:

  • Northern Lion Dance – The comical playful lion tries to snatch the ball from ball from the elusive clown/ lion tamer.
  • Chi Kung Demo – Practitioners perform amazing feats of strength generated from their “chi”.
  • Kung Fu Demo – Modern Wushu practitioner dazzle crowds with their high flying martial arts skills
  • Ring Of Fire – Watch as performs dive through rings of fire and knives, even doing it blindfolded with
    a comical twist.    Ring of Fire