Kung Fu (Wu-Shu)

The term Kung Fu refers to the martial arts of China. Kung Fu originated in a place called the Shaolin Temple, where monks practiced Kung Fu for health and self-defense during their quest for enlightenment.

Students learn traditional Kung Fu that instills powerful techniques and strong stances. Attacks are simple, easy to understand and easy to apply. Students also learn how to use weapons such as the staff, spear, broadsword, etc. The curriculum includes forms, self-defense, legwork, tumbling, and sparring.

Practitioners of modern wushu focus on lightning-quick-form technique, combined with unbelievable jumping ability to give them an edge at any martial arts competition.  Modern Wushu takes the basics of Kung Fu and its legwork to the next level in terms of the complexity of training. Our students have competed and won many events and tournaments. We take great pride in our Wushu ability.  You are welcome to challenge us in martial art if you dare! (Note: we take no responsibility in any injury you might sustain in a challenge with us)

In Chinese culture, the correct modern term for Chinese Martial Arts would be Wushu (Kung Fu is an older terminology for the same definition). The Wushu is basically using the body’s own natural movements to work on building the natural Martial Arts Techniques. What makes Wushu so different from other martial arts is that it focuses on the entire body’s fitness, not just merely punching and kicking (Karate and Tai Kwan Do). We have to remember that other Far East martial arts are all originated from Shaolin Kung Fu, they are just variants of the same techniques in Shaolin Kung Fu.  An old American saying stated this: “It takes three clones to beat the original”.  Therefore, why learn the cloned martial arts (like Karate and Tai Kwan Do) while you can just come down to Chinese Martial Art School and learn the completely original techniques.


Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a form of moving meditation that is normally practiced with slow, relaxed and flowing movements. This art is ideal for those seeking gentle, rehabilitative exercise, to relieve stress, or to study inner power through calmness. It is a non-impact exercise that stresses the importance of grace, balance, and fluidity of motion. Tai Chi is a moving form of meditation where precision movements and controlled breathing are synchronized to enable the practitioner to flow with the direction of energy in and around the body.  Tai Chi has beneficial effects similar to those of western aerobic exercise, minus the stresses and strains. This could account for its recent surge in popularity in the West.

Tai Chi offers a variety of quality of life benefits, such as improved cognitive ability, decreased levels of anxiety, depression, stress, and muscular tension, improved circulation, speed of rehabilitation following surgery, injury, or serious illness, and enhanced energy combined with an overall sense of well being.  Master Yung Chi Chung is also well known for his teachings of Tai Chi.If you would like more information or schedule for a private lesson please contact us through any of the 3 branches that are available.


Chi Kung

Chi Kung, the art of lightness, was originally one type of Chinese fighting skill that was important both to empty handed pugilists and weapon specialists since it enabled martial artists and warriors to move quickly, unleash tremendous mental focus and force, and fight with a stronger body. A serious practitioner of the martial arts cannot afford to overlook the study of Chi Kung exercises. While the basic procedures for learning the art are relatively straightforward, an incomparable amount of difficulty can be encountered if constant diligence is not maintained.

In Chinese, “Chi” is the energy that circulates throughout the body, and “kung” translates into “work”.  Chi Kung is the martial art that increases the body’s vital energy, and strengthen the circulation of this energy.  Mastering Chi Kung can help maintain the balance in the distribution of body’s energy.

Throughout every aspect of nature, there are always two counterparts.  When these two counterparts are in balance, the nature is then in perfect harmony.  In the Chinese culture, the theory of Yin & Yang pair is used most often to describe this.  For every plus there exists a minus, for hotness there exists coldness, for darkness there must be light, and for every good there exists evil.  Of course, this is an oversimplification of Chi Kung.  Its depth and complexity could fill volumes of book, and could take centuries for scholars to fully comprehend it just by reading it.  Therefore, it is definitely something, which should be experienced, rather than only read about.

Modern Chi Kung can be a powerful tool in the fight against various illness, and can also be an exercisehttp://www.shaolinkungfu.com/English/balance.jpgthat maintain body health.  Practitioners of Chi Kung have the ability to redistribute and focus the body energy, or CHI – the source of our strength, from one area to another area.  Chi Kung can, therefore, reroute excess body energy from where body need it the least to where body need it the most, and thus achieve balance in metabolism and energy distribution.  By achieving harmony in energy balance, the body will be more capable in destroying toxins in the body, reducing stress, and healing ourselves.  Chi Kung can then minimize the degeneration of the body’s vital organs and help build up the body immune system.

Thus, Chi Kung can be one of the most axial principles in Chinese study of the martial arts.  You will become fully aware of the power you posses inside, and you will feel more in control of your own body.  There is absolutely nothing more important than health. If you are already healthy, Chi Kung can helps set off a chain reaction of positive thinking that will lead to a successful life.  Grand Master Yung Chi Chung is one of the most respected teachers of Chi Kung anywhere.  Many people from all over the United States have traveled to take classes from him.  He is keeping alive some arts of Chi that considered long lost.  A set of Chi Kung classes usually begins every three months.  We have the tool of “iron bunches” that are an essential part of the Chi Kung exercises. They are available for sale in the school.  If you want a happy and healthy life, don’t hesitate to call us now to ask more about Chi Kung.  We also welcome you to come down to our school to take a look at the practices of Chi Kung.


Kick Boxing

Our primary concern at this institute is on PRACTICAL self defense first, and for sport second. Our philosophy is based on the odds of a technique working in a REAL situation. An example would be that a kick targeted towards the head is harder to complete than a kick to the legs. We would make sure the student learns every different way of attacking the legs before he/she begins trying higher kicks. This is an oversimplification, but we make it a point to let the student know what the highest probability of a technique working on the street as opposed to the technique working in a competition. It is paramount to become aware of the differences.

Now, Kick Boxing is a pretty popular sport in Asia, and I am sure a lot people know about it.  We teach these classes on separate days other than the traditional Kung Fu classes. We do teach self defense and sparring on regular class days, but it completely focused upon during certain days out of the week. We also cannot emphasis enough how we feel about safety at this institute.

Children learn how to succeed at tournament sparring with emphasis placed on good sportsmanship. All children learn how to punch and block in a traditional western boxing fashion. They learn technically advanced kicks and are encouraged to develop what works best for them. They also are drilled extensively on takedowns and throws that involve body locks and leg pick ups. A wrestling class is offered every week that lets them work on their mat skills with heavy emphasis on Freestyle and Greco Roman techniques. The most important idea being conveyed is that of having a strong base to launch all attacks from. The kids have a great time a really enjoy these classes. We make it a point to emphasis SAFETY.

These are great classes for adults interested in all around self defense concepts that are more geared to practical self defense applications. Adults learn Western boxing ring skills and 100% practical kicking techniques. Knees and elbows are also emphasized. In addition to this they learn wrestling techniques that are incorporated into their sparring. Conditioning is extremely important and is constantly worked on. Adults also spar according to the basic rules of Chinese kickboxing (San Shou), meaning that when they compete, they look for leg kicks, while throwing boxing techniques, and finishing with a throw or takedown.