There are many more acts to choose from as well. Please call today to have them perform at your next function if you want to give a awe inspiring show. We have delighted audiences such as:

  • The Saramento State Fair
  • San Jose County Fair
  • Alameda County Fair
  • San Mateo County Fair
  • City of Oakland Cultural Fair
  • 1989 Chinese New Year Festival
  • Asian Pacific American Heritage Celebration
  • City Of Hercules 10th Annual Cultural Fair
  • El Cerrito Rotary Club
  • City of Modesto Cultural Fair
  • Alumni Association of Northern California

We also have some hotel, casino, and club performance:

  • Harrah’s Casino Reno
  • San Francisco Holiday Inn
  • San Jose Holiday Inn
  • Double Tree Hotel
  • Hilton Hotel
  • Fremont Performing Arts Center
  • Bohemian Club
  • El Cerrito Rotary Club

And performed in other places such as

  • San Francisco Performing Arts Center
  • San Jose Performing Arts Center
  • San Mateo Performing Arts Center
  • Oakland Performing Arts Center
  • Some 1998 performances include:
  • 2nd Annual Asian New Year Gala Austin Convention Center, TX
  • Los Angeles Convention Center
  • Dimension Performing Arts Inc.
  • 13th Anniversary Spring Banquet,
  • Pacific Plaza Chinese Cultural Night
  • International House Auditorium

We have also performed in schools such as

  • Hillsborough Elementary Schools
  • Belmont Schools
  • San Carlos Schools
  • Crystal Springs
  • Mission High School, S.F.
  • Burlingame High School
  • Hillsdale High School
  • Notre Dame University
  • Stanford University
  • University of California, Berkeley
  • All of the lower 48 states

We have traveled to perform in other places such as Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Mainland China, Costa Rica, Hong Kong, Canada, Germany, U.K., and Spain.